PREMIUM ACCESSORIES LTD is a company based in HK that federates a team with over 10 years of experience in clothing accessories and home accessories.

PREMIUM ACCESSORIES also has an office in the South West of France. With a wide range of products and a sourcing adjusted to your request , PREMIUM ACCESSORIES aims to create or develop your range of accessories whether you are a global or a domestic brand.

We follow your items from the design to the shipment , including the production and quality control with the capacity to accept small MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) as well as larger productions. Our small but dedicated team will offer you a keen understanding of your solicitation and our manufacturing network allows us to realize all the innovative ideas you have in your mind or in your dreams!! We focus our attention on any clothing accessories (belts, caps, hats, wallets, bags, goodies…) so you can develop your accessories range with one company only but our sourcing is specialized in each kind of product.

Whether you convey the sporting spirit or the pret a porter’s one , from decoration world to marketing environment, we will be pleased to answer your request in respect with your social and ethical compliance. PREMIUM ACCESSORIES is your new brand solution.